Pikesville Senior Care

Senior Care in Pikesville

Lean On Dee Senior Home Care Services is a local, family-owned and operated home care agency in Pikesville known for providing the most attentive senior care. Recognizing the significance of exceptional care for your loved one, our mission is deeply rooted in personal experiences. We pledge unwavering support to your family through our invaluable team of dependable, passionate, and committed caregivers. As a licensed, insured, and bonded company, we operate with a profound understanding of the needs and concerns of loving family members, providing comprehensive support, authentic companionship, and the highest quality care imaginable for your precious loved one.

Confronting the illnesses of their mother and grandmother motivated our founders to design a senior home care approach centered on transparent communication, family values, and unwavering commitment to top-tier care. Upon meeting our team, you’ll witness the compassion and warmth that sets us apart. We focus on the unique needs of your loved one, aiming to deliver personalized care that allows them to age joyfully in the comfort of home. Reach out to us today to explore how we can most effectively meet your requirements.

Home Care Services in Pikesville

Pikesville Senior Care

A person’s growing need for care and support becomes clear as time passes. When you begin looking for the best in-home nurse in Pikesville, you’ll quickly learn that elderly care truly runs the gamut from basic services to the very best in compassionate and comprehensive support. We recognize your desire for the finest senior care providers for your loved one, and we empathize with this sentiment because we’ve grappled with those vital decisions for our own family. This is where Lean On Dee’s exceptional and tailored senior in-home care really shines!

Our dedication lies in providing top-tier care for the elderly. We have built a reputation as the finest option in the area for senior diabetes care, Parkinson’s home care, cognitive care for seniors, and a variety of other specialty services by adapting to the individual needs of every patient. Our adept caregiver team stands ready to assist, whether your loved one requires occasional respite care or companionship, ongoing support with personal care, daily assistance at home, or full-time care. Acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual patient, our services are designed to be customizable and guarantee that your loved one receives individualized attention that is precisely tailored to meet their every need.

Selecting the finest caregiver in Pikesville ensures that your loved one will consistently experience the warmth of our family. We take pride in delivering invaluable peace of mind to families and express our gratitude for the immense trust you bestow upon our exceptional staff. Our commitment to service involves collaborative decision-making with family members to design the optimal care plan, always remaining adaptable and prepared to adjust our approach as your loved one’s needs evolve. Your insights into your loved one’s lifestyle and preferences are highly valued because they play a crucial role in shaping their personalized care plan. Opting for Lean On Dee guarantees that your loved one receives the highest standard of care on a daily basis.

Our home care services include:

Bathing and Toileting

Oral and personal hygiene management

Assistance with organization

Help with connecting with loved ones through email and social media

Medication reminders

Dressing and grooming

Assistance with walking and mobility

Respite and family relief

Sitter services

Personal safety home evaluation

Assistance with writing letters and correspondence

Post-hospitalization care

Meal planning and preparation

Expertise with memory loss, confusion, forgetfulness

Status reporting to family

Adult and elderly home companion visits

Games, crafts, and friendly conversation

And so much more!

Pikesville Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing is the best option for people who require ongoing specialized care, whether for a long or short period of time. Registered nurse in-home care caters to a broad patient population, often initiated following an unexpected hospitalization or health emergency. This program ensures continuous care around the clock, instilling confidence in families and proving beneficial for individuals with intricate medical needs requiring ongoing attention. Our dedicated team of registered nurse senior care specialists is devoted not only to enhancing physical health, but also to nurturing and fortifying each patient’s cognitive, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual well-being.

Our committed team provides a wide range of services, allowing your loved one to live happily at home for a prolonged period of time. This not only provides you and your family with a priceless sense of security, but also grants you the peace of mind you deserve. When contrasted with using a care facility, hiring an in-home care nurse in Pikesville proves quite advantageous. Home-based care fosters a more personalized and comfortable environment, ultimately contributing to a higher quality of life. The familiarity of the surroundings may positively impact emotional well-being. Our experienced elderly in-home care nurses conduct in-home health assessments and deliver a range of services tailored to meet every medical need, ensuring individualized and attentive care.

These services encompass, but are not limited to:

Elder care management

Wound care/dressing change

Obtaining and monitoring vitals

Teaching visits between family and caregivers

Blood sugar testing

Dementia care with dementia-experienced nurses

Initial assessment and evaluations

IV injections

Diabetic care

Pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation care

Medication management and administration

Catheter care/change

Hospice support with hospice-experienced nurses

And more

Pikesville Dementia Care

Establishing clear communication with individuals affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s is a challenging, mutual undertaking that demands understanding and patience from both caregivers and family members. Misinterpreted signals can be a source of frustration for both the patient and their family. Caregivers must consistently adapt their communication approaches as the disease advances through its stages.

In the initial phases, patience and encouragement play a vital role by granting individuals the time to express themselves, even if they use excessive words (circumlocutions). In the middle stage, marked by cognitive decline, dementia home care professionals should prioritize simplifying instructions, maintaining eye contact, and utilizing props to bring up memories. Transitioning into the late-middle stage underscores the growing importance of precise and clear communication, coupled with heightened sensitivity to nonverbal cues. In the late stage, physical contact becomes increasingly vital for communication, particularly as individuals may lose the ability to recognize friends and relatives.

Caretakers need to regularly adapt their expectations, recognizing that the patient’s behavior is influenced by the illness. As the disease advances, employing various communication methods, such as mime and gestures, becomes crucial for preserving a meaningful connection. Every in-home nurse at Lean On Dee knows the difficulties of Alzheimer’s home care and the level of compassion required to assist your loved one in maintaining their dignity as their disease advances.

Lean On Dee is renowned for delivering exceptional Alzheimer’s care in Pikesville, featuring an invaluable resource known as Dementia Live. Dementia Live is a powerful simulated experience that provides a glimpse into the daily issues experienced by people with Alzheimer’s and other kinds of dementia. The primary objective is to improve your ability to provide appropriate help and support to the dementia patient in your life. We strongly advise you to participate in the informative Dementia Live experience before moving forward with our Pikesville dementia home care services.

Benefits of Dementia Live:

Increases empathy and understanding of people with dementia

Contributes to staff retention and overall satisfaction

Improves communication skills, care processes, and environment

Easy scheduling and flexible training options

Strengthens organizational marketability

Increases caregiver and staff satisfaction

Enhances communication and caregiving abilities

Boosts quality of life and improves interactions

Suitable for family caregivers, medical professionals, and service providers

To learn more about our exceptional home care services, call Lean On Dee today at (410) 449-4538.