Crofton Senior Care

Senior Care in Crofton

Lean On Dee Senior Home Care Services Is deeply embedded in the Crofton community as a local, family-operated, and family-owned business renowned for delivering the utmost in compassionate senior care. Guided by personal experiences, our goal emphasizes the critical need to provide excellent care for your loved ones. Our amazing, reliable, honest, and dedicated caregivers have dedicated themselves to giving the highest level of support to every family. As a licensed, insured, and bonded company, we provide personalized help, compassionate care, and true companionship tailored to address the distinct needs of your loved one. Our devotion is driven by a genuine understanding of your goals and concerns as a loving family member.

Our senior home care approach arose from the founders’ direct experiences with the diseases of their mother and grandmother. These events influenced them to develop a strategy based on open communication, family support, and an unrelenting dedication to providing excellent care. Meeting with our team will immediately show you our distinct warmth and compassion. We prioritize your loved one’s particular needs, aiming to provide tailored care that allows for comfortable aging in a familiar home environment. Contact us today to learn how we can adapt our services to best meet the needs of your family.

Home Care Services in Crofton

Crofton Senior Care

Our growing need for care and support becomes more obvious as we age. When you’re seeking the best in-home nurse in Crofton, you’ll quickly notice the range of elderly care, from basic aid to the most sympathetic and complete support. We realize that you only want the best senior care providers for your loved one because we’ve had to make important care decisions on behalf of our own loved ones. This is where Lean On Dee’s exceptional and tailored senior in-home care really shines!

We dedicate ourselves to providing great care for the elderly, and our reputation in the Crofton community reflects this commitment. We are renowned as the premier choice in the region for specialized services like senior diabetes care, Parkinson’s home care, and cognitive care for seniors, because we tailor our approach to the unique needs of each patient. Whether your loved one requires occasional companionship or respite care, ongoing personal care assistance, daily support at home, or full-time care, our proficient caregiver team is happy to offer assistance. Recognizing the individuality of each person, our services are crafted to be adaptable and ensure that your loved one receives personalized care precisely suited to their every need.

By choosing the best caregiver in Crofton, you can be certain that your loved one will be treated like family. We take pride in offering priceless peace of mind to families and appreciate the tremendous faith you place in our outstanding personnel. Our dedication to service entails working with family members to build the best possible care plan, while being adaptive and ready to change our approach as your loved one’s requirements change. Your input on your loved one’s routines and preferences will prove invaluable as we form a care plan because we truly prioritize their happiness and well-being. Opting for Lean On Dee guarantees a continuous delivery of the highest level of care for your loved one.

Our home care services include:

Help with connecting with loved ones through email and social media

Post-hospitalization care

Assistance with walking and mobility

Sitter services

Bathing and toileting

Medication reminders

Meal planning and preparation

Status reporting to family

Expertise with memory loss, confusion, forgetfulness

Oral and personal hygiene management

Assistance with organization

Personal safety home evaluation

Respite and family relief

Assistance with writing letters and correspondence

Adult and elderly home companion visits

Dressing and grooming

Games, crafts, and friendly conversation

And so much more!

Crofton Dementia Care

Navigating communication with individuals impacted by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is an intricate, two-way endeavor requiring comprehension and compassion from each family member and caregiver. Misinterpretation of signals can aggravate both the patient and their loved ones. Caregivers have to adjust and alter their communication techniques as the disease develops through its many stages.

In the initial phases, patience and encouragement play a vital role by granting individuals the time to express themselves, even if they use excessive words (circumlocutions). As dementia progresses into the middle stage, where cognitive functions decline, dementia home care providers should employ strategies like maintaining eye contact, simplifying instructions, and using props to stir up memories. Communication gains heightened importance in the late-middle stage, requiring clear and straightforward speech, along with increased attention to nonverbal cues. In the late stage, touch emerges as a crucial means of communication, especially as the individual may lose the ability to recognize family and friends.

Caregivers need to regularly adjust their expectations, bearing in mind that the patient’s actions are a result of the disease. As the disease worsens, using diverse communication modalities, such as mime and gestures, becomes critical for maintaining a meaningful relationship. Every in-home nurse at Lean On Dee understands the complexities of Alzheimer’s home care and provides the true compassion required to maintain your loved one’s dignity as their illness progresses.

Lean On Dee is recognized for delivering exceptional Alzheimer’s care in Crofton, and we leverage a valuable tool called Dementia Live. This program offers an intricate simulation experience aimed at enhancing understanding of life with cognitive impairment and sensory changes. Dementia Live is crafted to foster awareness of individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia by providing insights into the daily challenges they encounter. The primary objective is to enhance your ability to provide adequate support and assistance to those suffering from dementia. We strongly recommend your participation in the enlightening Dementia Live experience before proceeding with our Crofton dementia home care services.

Benefits of Dementia Live:

Easy scheduling and flexible training options

Enhances communication and caregiving abilities

Increases caregiver and staff satisfaction

Suitable for family caregivers, medical professionals, and service providers

Boosts quality of life and improves interactions

Strengthens organizational marketability

Contributes to staff retention and overall satisfaction

Improves communication skills, care processes, and environment

Increases empathy and understanding of people with dementia

Crofton Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing stands out as the ideal choice for individuals in need of continual specialized care, whether for an extended period or a shorter duration. Registered nurse in-home care is available to a diverse population of patients, and it is usually initiated following an unexpected hospitalization or new medical condition. This comprehensive program offers continuous care, providing families with peace of mind and benefiting patients with complex medical needs that necessitate long-term assistance. Our committed registered nurse senior care team endeavors not only to enhance physical health, but also to support and promote the social, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual wellness of every patient.

Our committed team offers a broad spectrum of services, enabling your loved one to live comfortably at home for an extended period. This not only provides assurance for your family and the individual, but also grants you the peace of mind you truly need. Opting for an in-home care nurse in Crofton instead of a traditional care facility boasts several advantages. Home-based care fosters a more personalized and comforting environment, contributing to an enhanced quality of life. The familiarity of one’s surroundings can positively impact emotional well-being. Our experienced elderly in-home care nurses conduct comprehensive in-home health assessments and deliver a range of services tailored to each patient’s medical needs to give fully specialized and focused care.

These services encompass, but are not limited to:

IV injections

Pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation care

Wound care/dressing change

Initial assessment and evaluations

Elder care management

Blood sugar testing

Dementia care with dementia-experienced nurses

Hospice support with hospice-experienced nurses

Medication management and administration

Teaching visits between family and caregivers

Obtaining and monitoring vitals

Catheter care/change

Diabetic care

And more

To learn more about our exceptional home care services, call Lean On Dee today at (410) 449-4538.