Lean on Dee Senior Home Care

Services Senior Care Advocates is Excited to Present Our New Service Dementia Live

Experience dementia simulation for a deeper understanding of living with cognitive impairment and sensory changes.

Dementia Live ®

  • Gain insight into the daily lives of people with Alzheimer's and other forms of Dementia.
  • Understand their state of mind, physical capabilities, and mental acuity.
  • Improve your ability to successfully assist and support individuals with Dementia.
  • Dementia Live® training offered to local organizations, companies, and families.

Dementia Live ® Can Help Prepare You:

For Medical or Service Organizations:

  • Staff gains insight into living with Dementia.
  • Develops empathy towards clients and families.
  • Improves ability to serve them effectively.

For Families in the Community:

  • Enhances day-to-day caregiving with compassion.
  • Eases the caregiving role.
  • Enhances the lives of individuals with Dementia.

What is the Dementia Live ® experience like?

  • High impact experience
  • Participants immersed in life with dementia
  • Gain deeper understanding of cognitive impairment and sensory changes

Benefits of Dementia Live ®

  • Easy scheduling and flexible training options.
  • Suitable for family caregivers, medical professionals, and service providers.
  • Increases empathy and understanding of people with Dementia.
  • Enhances communication and caregiving abilities.
  • Boosts quality of life and improves interactions.
  • Increases caregiver and staff satisfaction.
  • Contributes to staff retention and overall satisfaction.
  • Strengthens organizational marketability.
  • Improves communication skills, care processes, and environment

Why Lean on Dee Senior Home Care Services is the Right Trainer?

We specialize in seamless Dementia care, supporting individuals from home to assisted living to nursing homes. Certified by the Age-u-cate Training Institute for the Dementia Live® program, our ongoing education ensures excellence in serving the community.

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